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Thursday, December 25, 2014 • 7:25 AM • 0 Sweet hearts

not all scars show . not all wounds heal . sometimes you can't see the pain and sometimes my silence is just another word for my sadness and sometimes crying is the only way my eyes speak when i can't explain how broken i am .  only doa that can  the only prayer that accompanies me every day and only that i was able to be as strong as this . thanks god for evrysingle things that gave to me . imreally thankfull . sesungguhnya aku seorang yang lalai dengan kegembiraan di dunia tanpa menyedari kehebatan kebahagiaan apabila mendalami ilmu akhirat sesungguhnya aku memiliki kedua-duanya , allahu . i'm began to think for a moment with the chances that i' had and i would be so happy alhamdulillah step by step slowly i changed gradually to become servant who solehah , give me the strength to i through all this

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