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Tuesday, February 17, 2015 • 8:32 AM • 0 Sweet hearts

don't get lost in you pain
know that one day
your pain will become your cure

how many percious moment do i lose crying and feeling sad. 
how many times do i fails and don't find the force to get up again , again and again.
how many wounds do i take away from the past to the future.
how much pain and sadness.

how beautiful would it be if that suffering was a valuable lesson for us . a reason to make us stronger , a reminder of our weakness as human being and that praise belong to allah alone. even though the sadness made us forget that, a reminder that makes us realize that value of modesty. a  wonderful gift that makes us turn to the only one. who wanted to hear our voice in du'a , replying on hum alone .
how many lessons from a single 'suffering'- a suffering which makes us spend the rest of our life, being thankful that it knocked on our door .

stay strong dear ika and make them wonder why you're still smilling but deep down only allah knows everything .
the end.

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