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Monday, March 6, 2017 • 4:59 AM • 0 Sweet hearts

 guess what , i'm going to talk about friends guilt ? 
seriously ?

hello , im going to list the things i feel guilt of as a friends 

*rolls out a long piece of paper cellotaped together across the living room all the way to the kitchen *

there, my list all of the guilt of as a friends &
friends guilt is a real things too guys

 i'm such a "hati kering" one as a friends but just sometimes. HAHAHA
it's weird ? i don't even know why i can be that kind of " hati kering" but deep down i sangat sangat ambil tahu and nak yang terbaik for my friends ok uolls.

the moment that you feels sangat guilt which is bila the things yang you bercakap dengan someone but you're not sharing with he/she. and that time you can totally see perubahan muka seseorang itu (cause i'm the one that felt it hahahaha)

the ways you talked with , how polite you're when you talking ,what kind of jokes and bla bla bla cause itu sangat sangat la bahaya because of hati manusia ni is such like a tissue , easily koyak bro. for example , sometimes people keep saying the things that you hate but you still terima as a joke and turns out dia yang gelabah, koyak tak boleh terima ahaha . whats life bro.

do you ever said thankyou or sorry to your friends even untuk benda yang kecil . sometimes people keep it as benda remeh temeh ye lah dah kawan kan mybe dia faham , that's what you're thinking not that guys thinking. so why not ringankan mulut untuk bercakap or said sorry even once ? pahala tau ganjarannya.

being the best best best friends ever is everyone goals rite ? who's gonna be the best partner in crime , a sisterhood , a teacher , a boyfriends and everything . but i can't make it cause tak reti untuk jadi semua tu and especially im the one yang jenis yeah, i don't know how to coverup my face bila marah sedih and everythings and sometimes when my friends told me something yang macam you know the things bagi dia dia happy but bagi i she's doing the wrong things , so how i am supposed to keep smile on the things that i think it is wrong . totally showed on my face that feeling. and mybe that's the reasons why people keep quite from telling me something . because of hati kering sgt kot . 

and that's the biggest guilt of as a friends because i'm not the one yang macam tu and i don't know on how to treat them nicely , i means yeah i treated them sangat nice which is nak tunjuk that i ni sangat sangat ambil berat but i can't express it melalui reaksi muka cause entah entah entah . 

oh god please help me 

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